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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've become the latest victim of the right-wing propaganda machine. NOOOOO!!!!!

During President Obama's swearing in, the lines got mangled and the pace was an atrocity. I thought "Wow, his nerves are going so crazy, he's having trouble with the swearing in." initially.  I thought of it as the first Obama goof (we all know he will make some during speaking, it's inevitable). No big deal, kind of funny actually.

As all the news outlets talk about it (as if they talked about anything else all day on 1/20/09), they kept saying that Chief Justice Roberts was the one in error. I thought it extremely odd the first time I heard it, but by the 10th time, I was thinking "Wow, the media is really going to extreme lengths to not say Obama screwed up at all, even though it wasn't a big screw up."  I created a "conspiracy" of the news media in my own head.

Today, I heard the pace and wording from Bush's 2005 swearing in. It was the exact pace Obama tried to follow.  And where Obama stumbled on the words, it was because they were the incorrect words for the actual Oath of Office. He paused, as if pondering if he should say the correct oath, or repeat Chief Justice Robert's incorrect directions.  He did opt to go with the latter.

As soon as I heard it all... FACEPALM!!!

Victimized by the Right-Wing. Then again, what else is new after 8 years of Bush.

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