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Friday, May 1, 2009

Do Conservatives even think before they speak?

Torture seems to be the 2nd hottest topic around at the moment. But swine flu isn't really political or religious unless you're a complete nut like Michele Bachmann. And she's wrong, it wasn't under Carter, it was under Ford. (psst, he's a republican).

Anyway, back to to the topic of torture. A survey released by Pew Research Center on the correlation between church attendance and support for torture is somewhat interesting. 54% of church goers say that torture can be justified. While 42% of people who attend services seldom or never agree that torture can be justified. To me, this is proof that being Christian and attending church services does not instill any more morals or values than can be attained in a non-religious person or home. It doesn't really say "Christians are bad people," nor does it say "atheists are bad people." However, it can be considered to say that more Christians are willing to torture than atheists are.

Not surprising to me, Paliban Daily, a Christian "news" site has a different interpretation of the data.

In a newly-released poll, it is shown that 58% of Americans who avoid church services support the “rights” of terrorists over Americans. We can’t say we’re surprised.

Saying that you cannot torture a terrorist does not place his rights above any American's right, since they cannot be tortured either. I can't say I'm surprised that you are too stupid to understand this.

They were asked how often they attend services, and then asked, “Do you think the use of torture against suspected terrorists in order to gain important information can often be justified, sometimes be justified, rarely be justified, or never be justified?” Torture was not defined, but may be understood from recent news reports to include pouring water onto their faces, making them stand still, and dressing them in itchy wool sweaters. Basically, making them uncomfortable.    

Recently, conservative nitwit Sean Hannity said he'd volunteer to be waterboarded. As if it's some sort of proof that it isn't torture and is, as this article puts it, just "pouring water on to their faces." However, I highly doubt that any of these people realize how scary simulated drowning by an enemy would be. Do you think Hannity would agree if we were going to ship him to Iraq and let some of the rebels there administer the waterboarding? Me neither. And on top  of this, after WW2 the US  prosecuted a Japanese soldier for waterboarding. So it was obviously illegal and torturous then. This all boils down to the conservatives doing their very best to dance around admitting they did something wrong, ever. Waterboarding is much worse than uncomfortable, and everyone knows it.

We see here that the absence of God in their lives has led to these sad creatures favoring terrorist monsters over their fellow man. How can anyone not find this incredibly disturbing? We were disgusted at the immorality of these so-called “people”.

We’re also pleased to announce that more than 6 out of 10 white evangelicals believe that the safety of Godly Christian Americans outweighs the comfort of enemy combatants.

Oh, I do find this incredibly disturbing. And, unfortunately for us all, these terrorists monsters are our fellow man. A radical, crazy, religious, hate-filled sect of our fellow man, much like the 60% of Evangelical Christians who believe that torture can be justified. I'm disgusted at not only the immorality of these people, but in their willful ignorance of their own religion and their willingness to label those who have a good moral grounding in the knowledge of torture being wrong as immoral.

Jesus, without whom there would be no Christians, preached love for all mankind, not just those who love you back. Jesus (if real and here today) would not preach against atheists, gays, or any other minority. He would extend his hand to us and try to convince us of his message, sure, but never hate, exile, or shun us. He walked with lepers in the Bible, I'm pretty sure he could stomach a black, an atheist and a couple of homosexuals. He would never condone this idea that it is alright to kill as long as you are protecting your country. A very popular and well known teaching of Christ is "turn the other cheek." This would mean that we should not retaliate against terrorists, and certainly not torture them for information on how to retaliate. So this "godly 60%" is a complete myth and the author of this article has no real idea what a Christian really should be.

I personally do not believe in the Bible or its teachings as a whole (I agree with parts, 'cause there are some good messages here and there) so I shouldn't be held to it's rigid guidelines. It is a free country. And yet, my morals seem to be more on par with the teachings of Jesus than many of the Christians today. This is not to say that there are not good Christians out there. However, these evangelicals really need to stop trying to injecting their "beliefs" into the lives of others, especially when they can't even follow it themselves.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stephen Colbert had the chance...


All the anger, rage, and hate that Colbert has mockingly stored in him while pretending to be a right wing lunatic and he can't even use it for any good at all!

In the audience on Colbert last night was one of the 2 men from the Sonic commercials. He could have destroyed the man, and then I would never again have had to endure something along these lines. Why Colbert, WHY!?! I do enjoy your show and your hilarious caricature of the right wingers, but you have really disappointed me by not taking a stand against other annoyances, such as terrible advertisements that are clearly aimed at the lowest common denominator of intelligence in our sad society, but forcibly rammed down the rest of our throats relentlessly.

However, you did eat an ewok, so I guess I'll forgive you. This time...