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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stephen Colbert had the chance...


All the anger, rage, and hate that Colbert has mockingly stored in him while pretending to be a right wing lunatic and he can't even use it for any good at all!

In the audience on Colbert last night was one of the 2 men from the Sonic commercials. He could have destroyed the man, and then I would never again have had to endure something along these lines. Why Colbert, WHY!?! I do enjoy your show and your hilarious caricature of the right wingers, but you have really disappointed me by not taking a stand against other annoyances, such as terrible advertisements that are clearly aimed at the lowest common denominator of intelligence in our sad society, but forcibly rammed down the rest of our throats relentlessly.

However, you did eat an ewok, so I guess I'll forgive you. This time...

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