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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We really do have some idiots in Washington, DC.

I'm not a huge advocate of hate crime laws personally, but it has nothing to do with the objections the Republicans normally like to float. I just don't agree with the idea that just because a crime is committed against a minority that the perpetrator can be sentenced to a much stiffer punishment. It's an unfair legal bill in the first place. However, I do understand the idea behind it, but it's just another good idea that will be abused by the sleazy lawyers of the world.

Steve King while arguing against a bill that will put sexual orientation into the list for Federal Hate Crime Laws decided to take a different route in his stance. He argued that including legislation for the protection of homosexuals in the hate crime laws, it would be opening up the gate to more groups wanting protection based on their sexual practices. He listed off quite a few.

Honestly, why are people electing the dumbest of our population for public office? I mean, Bachmann from MN is extremely stupid, as I pointed out in the opening for my previous post. And now, King from IA can't make a distinction between sexual orientation and a fetish. Please, get a clue about who you are voting for, or just plain don't vote. (I know some people will hate that comment about not voting, but it is seriously better than voting for an idiot because you won't take the time to actually figure out who you are voting for).

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